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Lost Boys.JPG
Summer's End.JPG
I Caught Dusk Seeping Through The Kitchen Window.JPG

"Lost Boys"

digital drawing

Drawing for Stringer's album Bluebird.


digital drawing

Time slows down for you when you try to race with the afternoon sun to catch a shadow before it completely morphs or blurs into the cement floor.

"Summer's End"

digital drawing

"I Caught Dusk Seeping Through The Kitchen Window"

digital drawing

March 6, I caught dusk seeping through the kitchen window with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Orange Street, A Piece of Autumn On The Verge Of Spring.JPG

"Orange Street"

digital drawing

Orange Street. A tiny patch of autumn on the verge of spring.

Us And The Moon 1.jpg

"Us And The Moon 1"

3' x 3' acrylic painting

Us And The Moon 2_edited.jpg

"Us And The Moon 2"

12" x 18" acrylic painting

Us And The Moon 3_b.jpg
Us And The Moon 3_a.jpg

"Us And The Moon 3"

3' x 7'-6" acrylic painting

Us And the Moon 4_c_edited.jpg
Us And The Moon 4.jpg

"Us And The Moon 4"

2'6 x 7' acrylic painting

Bloop, Bloooop.JPG

"Bloop, Bloop, Blooooop"

acrylic painting

A painting for a baby born during the pandemic.

Night Bloop.JPG

"The Birth Of Tenderness"

acrylic painting

A painting for a baby born during the pandemic.



digital drawing

July, Amsterdam, the midnight walk back to my hostel.

The faraway chattering of strangers wrapped in blankets when I walked out of Sloterdijk. The moist smell of tomato soup. The flickering light at the end of a cigarette. Window mullions, brick patterns, jazz band at a bar. The pitter-patter of evening rain I carried back. The sudden remembrance of that Róisín Kelly poem I heard on a random day's BBC Radio 4.



digital drawing

I've only known Iris for three months when she offered me the right half of her bed. We met for the first time in a tiny noodle shop on the 57th Street in New York City.

Three months later, she was rehearsing for a Shakespeare play in London, where she had a tiny yet wholesome student dorm 10 minutes away from King's Cross and 5 minutes to the British Museum. Iris woke up at 6:30 for her morning run. She was so quiet when she closed the door behind her; I only caught a dimly lit silhouette through the crack of light from the hallway before falling back to sleep. The next time I woke up, Iris was making us spinach omelette, the overwhelming morning light stopping just before it reached her arm. 

People I got to know during a trip are always indescribably different from people I get to spend time with everyday. In my memory Iris is always defined by things we could have done until we can meet again on a trip somewhere. Maybe next time a rainy London.


digital drawing

A long, languid sunset in the Democratic Republic of Congo compound in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.

Toolshare Space.JPEG

"Toolshare Poster"

digital drawing, poster for Yale NOMAS

"In light of the anti-Asian attacks on our community at large and the ongoing discussions about structural racism in and beyond the institution, NOMAS will be holding space as we collectively grieve and give each other strength to keep cultivating a safe and supportive environment here at Yale. We are not blind to the fact these violent acts of racism are stemming from the overt and covert racism we experience daily. We hope to create space within our communities to address ourselves and what we need---in whatever form it takes: crying, laughing, screaming, eating, collective breathing, ranting, storytelling, etc."

Kroon Hall.jpg
Kroon Hall_2.jpg
Kroon Hall_3.jpg

"Kroon Hall"

charcoal drawings


"Amsterdam 2"

pencil drawing

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