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Ruth Gilmore Center for Abolition and Care
Speculative Future | New York City, United States

Meandering Me
Civic Art Center | New Haven, United States

Sunset Gateway
Public Housing + Community |
Sunset Park Neighborhood, United States

Miners, To The Sky
Human Rights Housing Concept | Datong, China

Kumbatia | Embrace
Family Housing | Getamock,Tanzania

Beyond The Wall
School + Supermarket | Capetown, South Africa


Kakuma Center of Livelihood and Solidarity
Built Project | Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Kaira Looro Peace Pavilion
Peace Pavilion | Sedhiou, Senegal

Finding Kakuma: The Life of a Refugee Camp
Research | Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya


Call Me SuperPad
Graphic Novel

Story Of A Tattoo
Graphic Novel

Not About Architecture
Drawings, Paintings, Illustrations

The Body Will Give Birth To Dreams
Artificial Intelligence, AI-generated "memories"

Memory Of A Baobab Tree
Virtual Reality, VR Game World

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